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Two simple treatments a year keep your yard weed free! 


We provide services to the city of Chandler, as well as surrounding areas.

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“A pleasure to work with. I wanted to ensure it wasn’t me pulling weeds in my front yard, so I called East Valley Weed Control. I needed weeds sprayed and preventative maintenance too. I was impresssed with their commitment to a 6 month no weeds guarantee. Jesse called on his way, arrived promptly, and explained the process. I would highly recommend East Valley Weed Control to service your property.”



– Josh Pendergrass, AZ


“I have battled weeds spreading from neighboring yards for years by treating and pulling weeds myself. I noticed the weeds popping up around the neighborhood and it occurred to me, I haven’t had to weed my yard since receiving pre-emergent treatment from East Valley Weed Control last September. I will be sure to follow-up with EVWC’s no hassle, dependable service biannually and forget the hassle of do-it-myself weeding! The time and energy saved is well worth it.”

-Melanie Salsgiver, AZ


“I was very impressed with East Valley Weed Control. The job was well done and very thorough. If you need to GET RID OF WEEDS, they go above and beyond to make the customer happy, which you don’t often see in this day and age. They guarantee their work, so if you ever see a weed pop up, it is as simple as giving them a call. I will be using them in the future, I highly recommend them!!!!!”

-Sharon Coffman, AZ


No Contracts here! Just great service.


We have children and pets too! Ours are important to us, so we know what’s important to you too.