Home and Business Weed Control: How it Works



Our knowledgeable staff will assess the property you need treated to determine the best approach. There are many factors to take into account such as the type of weeds present, what plants are established in the yard, potential insect or fungal infestations that stress the grass, and any upcoming plans you have that could affect the treatment such as winter overseeding / aeration / new landscaping or design etc.  A plan is tailored to your specific property and the final estimate is generated.


Initial Treatment

The property you need treated will be tended to by one of our technicians. The pre-emergent (which prevents weed seeds from growing) and post-emergent (which kills current weeds) can be applied at the same time. This is the most common treatment.


Follow Up Treatment

Some weeds are resistant to post-emergent such as Bermuda, horseweed, nutsedge, mallow. If one of our spray technicians identifies these types of weeds during the treatment we will present a plan for follow up treatments.

After the initial treatment a representative will call and follow up with our customers 10-12 days or 3 weeks later. The time frame depends on the chemicals used.


Six Months Protection!

You are now protected against weeds for the next SIX months! The first application of pre-emergent is 60%-70% effective, so some new growth can be expected. As you continue to apply pre-emergent it becomes over 90% effective at preventing new growth. If new weeds grow within the 6 months, we will promptly be out to spot treat the current at no additional cost!

Re-application of pre-emergent

We do not have contracts so we will give you a reminder call when the warranty is about to end to schedule another application of pre-emergent.

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No Contracts, just great service.


We have kids and pets too so we know what’s important to you.


Your weeds will be gone for 6 months or we’ll spray them for free!


We have kids and pets too so we know what’s important to you.