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Arizona has weeds year round. Save yourself time, money and the hassle of spraying and pulling weeds all year! Instead, spend your time doing the things you enjoy. We use pet and family friendly products to kill weeds and keep them away. We stand behind our work with a 6-month guarantee.

Our business is simple, we treat your home or business twice a year and if anything new grows in that time we come back and treat it for you. It really is that simple.

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We provide our services in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and some areas of Glendale and Laveen.

Some people refer to them as weeds. Others say they’re just a plant growing where it is not wanted. They seem to sprout overnight and may outgrow the crops you pamper in a heartbeat. Recent rains have prompted vigorous growth. Left unchecked, they could steal nutrients and water from nearby plants. Where do they come from? How can you control them so they don’t take over your yard?

Weed seeds can arrive in your yard either by wind or are carried in by birds. They are brought in with yard equipment, organic soil additives, grass seed, or maybe they ‘hitch’ a ride on clothing, your shoes or even on the fur of your pets.

If you simply have a few weeds in a rather compact area, mechanical elimination or pulling them is frequently the most desirable and cheapest course of action.

In gravel regions, both annual and perennial weeds can be controlled with the use of a post-emergent herbicide. Post-emergent spray significantly controls weeds that have already sprouted and are growing.

In lawn areas, the best way to control weeds is to have a healthy lawn. Natural turf will out-compete most weeds and normal mowing will get rid of the growing tips of the weeds.

Pre-emergent spray works well in preventing weed seeds from sprouting and works best in gravel areas.


The Best Way to Kill Weeds in the Desert

Desert Landscaping is an easy way to maintain your yard up here in the Valley. It’s cheap, no fertilizing, no mowing,  and you don’t have to buy gardening tools to keep it up. Weed control spray helps to keep from growing weeds in your xeriscaping.

Weed control in Mesa could be difficult. Our soil is ideal for growing weeds. Various weeds grow in various seasons; we have so many different weeds which when one season ends there is another that begins. Weeds upon weeds, we don’t get an off-season.

In order to keep a beautiful weed-free landscape, you can manage weed control and removal yourself or telephone in a specialist.

The Professional Difference

We don’t rely on generic, harsh or dangerous toxins.

We spray the whole stone portion of your yard with a pre-emergent weed killer out of a tank on our truck. Our technician will walk your yard using a backpack sprayer filled with a solution that kills existing weeds in rocks. He’ll then walk your grass using a backpack sprayer full of a solution that kills existing weeds in grass.

Our process is so meticulous that the sprayer nozzles are calibrated into the walking pace of the technicians that use them.

We’re so confident in our mixtures and techniques that we guarantee our work for 6 months.

There is a gap between weeds and undesirable plants, desert shrubs, seedlings and shrub suckers will grow in spite of pre-emergent weed spray. There is a separate formula for these problems.

Weeds in Phoenix-Metro Lawns

Before you try to control weeds in your yard or garden, we suggest that you understand a couple of things. It’s important to know that weeds have two categories, which are cool and warm-season weeds. Aside from that, you can differentiate whether the plant which grows in your yard is a broadleaf or narrowleaf. The former is a dicot while the latter is what most people refer to as grass.

There are also perennial and annual weeds. In one whole year, the annual weeds would complete their life cycle, which means they immediately reach their adult stage and return to seed at the end of the year. The seeds will typically remain dormant for several years, so you will not know if your lawn is harboring these pesky plants.

As for perennial weeds, they persist yearly and usually go dormant during the winter season or when the weather is too dry. You can get rid of them, but it is important that you remove all the roots or any underground parts to kill them.

Common Weeds in Arizona

Various weeds often fill the properties in the area. However, the most common types are the following:

  • Bermuda grass: This perennial narrow leaf is a warm-weather weed, which is why it thrives in the Phoenix-Metro area. It reproduces through seeds or vegetatively.
  • Buffalograss: Another warm-season weed, it is also a narrow leaf variety and this perennial plant can lie dormant during hot days. It can become tall and can make your yard unsightly.
  • Purslane: Also a warm-season weed, this is categorized as a broadleaf and grows annually. You can tell this variety from others because its leaves and stems that appear succulent. These parts are edible, and this weed sprouts yellow flowers.
  • Horse purslane: Never confuse this particualr purslane variety with the regular one as this variety is toxic. It should never be eaten despite its watery stems. Not like the common purslane, the horse type has pink or purple flowers.
  • Palmer amaranth: This weed is a warm-season variety and grows annually. It reproduces very quickly as one plant can contain millions of seeds.

In some parts of the Phoenix area, purple nutsedge is a trouble plant because it is challenging to control. The Russian thistle is a kind of tumbleweed that grows in many parts of the area.

Whenever your yard has a combination of these mentioned weeds, you know that you should prevent them from multiplying. It can be hard, especially in the event that you do not have the experience of getting rid of those plants. You can easily pull them out, but it is likely you will leave their origins behind. Instead of doing everything on your own, you can call to ask about how East Valley Weeds could treat your yard so it will be weed-free in virtually no time.

There are two primary categories of weeds that you will come across in Arizona.

Unwanted Grass Species In Xeriscaping

The first type is unwanted grass species. While some kinds of grass like Bermuda are frequently used intentionally in yards, you might prefer to not possess this species growing on your xeriscaping.

Other kinds of grassy weeds such as bromegrass are invasive species that raise the risk of wildfires and spread rapidly if they’re permitted to grow uncontrolled.

In some cases, weeds can even seem so similar to grass that it is hard to tell the difference. For example, nutsedge often grows in yards, and you may not realize that it is a problem until the expansion is extensive.

Orchard grass and also the common foxtail are a couple more grassy weeds that have to be controlled for your landscape to flourish. Considering these weeds are really similar to desirable grass, special herbicides must be used to avoid damaging the plant life which you would like to maintain the lawn.

Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weeds are the other type you might encounter on your landscaping. As their name implies, these plants tend to have flat, broad leaves that are bigger than the mountainous kinds.

Their bigger leaves make them easier to spot when they grow in organic grass, yet these plants may also result in harm to the grass quicker than mountainous types since their size means they consume more sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil to grow.

In Arizona, there are many different broadleaf weeds which grow in lawns throughout the state.

Other broadleaf weeds, for example puncturevine and bur clover have components that are painful and irritating to humans and animals. If you’ve ever needed to select burs off your furry friend, then you understand what a nuisance bur clover is if it’s allowed to disperse.

Silver nightshade is another weed that must be dealt with immediately since its poisonous effects can poison livestock in your property.

While broadleaf weeds such as tumbleweed might be much easier to see, their larger size often suggests they disperse thousands of seeds at once and for extended distances, which requires special control strategies to kill off plants until they emerge or become widespread.


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We have kids and pets too, we know what’s important to you.